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Digital Art, Mixed Media

Toronto, Ontario

My interest has always been in the application of mathematics, and as an extension, computer technology to the creation of art. I have had some formal art training, and in studying composition, I became aware that natural growth patterns can be expressed through simple (and sometimes complex) formulas. As a scientist, mathematician, computer technologist, I attempt to express nature and sometimes pure math concepts in art.

My palate is mathematics, my canvas a computer screen. Works are created as a series of formulas, filters and transformations always with an eye to my current inspiration and basic elements of color and composition. The final rendering is done on a high speed computer, the printing on state-of-the-art wide bed printers.

Subject matter can be a flower, an ice crystal or just last night's dream. I believe the image I seek already exists and it is my task as an artist to find and share it.

All current pieces are sold as one-of-a-kind original and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Some earlier work was produced as limited series, maximum five.

Ray Ferris

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Moon Flowers
Valentine to a Muse
Autumn Lilies
10X10 Prism Variations
Spring Awakening
Midsummer Dream
Red Chalice
Eastern Lights
Spring Show